Position: Board Member

Location: Dease River Development Corporation

Email: kristybreedenne@yahoo.ca

Kristy Bree Denne Bio

Kristy Denne spent her toddler years on a forestry lookout and ever since has felt herself being called back to the wilderness. As a young girl her dream was to live off the grid. She therefore bought her Vines and Puppies cabin in Jade City, which she has owned an operated for several years now. For the last 20 years Kristy has been living and exploring the backcountry at her doorstep in all of its seasonal glory. Prior to owning and operating Vines and Puppies Hideaway, which serves many tourists and residents in the region she worked as a mystery shopper and merchandiser. Kristy also has extensive experience working as a power lineman. In her free time Kristy likes to cook and bake and in her earlier days enjoyed canning on a 2 burner camp stove and cooking on the woodstove. Some of her favorite things include hiking, fishing, finding the story in animal tracks, identifying plants and berry picking.